Unveiling a World of Possibilities: The Mobile Event Hall

Welcome to the future of event hosting with Playback Music’s Mobile Event Hall, a revolutionary space designed to transform your ideas into grand, immersive experiences. Boasting a surface area of 3500 m², this flexible venue can be customized to your specific needs, with additional size options available upon request, ensuring a perfect fit for any occasion.Versatile Architecture:

The Mobile Event Hall features a range of sizes, from the expansive 35 m x 100 m to the more intimate 35 m x 50 m, providing adaptable spaces for diverse events. Its impressive physical specifications include a 15-meter roof height and a side height of 12 meters, supporting multiple spots with a non-uniform load capacity of up to 50 tons. Equipped with a robust structure, it can withstand windy weather conditions of up to 95 knots, ensuring stability and safety for your events.

Specialized Features:

Our Mobile Event Hall is not just a venue; it’s an experience. The facade, ceiling, and side surfaces are adorned with fireproof vinyl in a stylish grey outside and black inside. Fireproof fabric lines the interior surfaces, guaranteeing safety while maintaining elegance. The hall is equipped with an absorption system, ensuring the circulation of fresh air. Air-conditioning and heating systems are seamlessly integrated, providing comfort regardless of the external conditions. The non-destructive floor setup ensures a versatile platform for any event, with options for sound, lighting, and stage systems to be customized to your specifications.

Efficient Installation and Dismantling:

With a swift setup requiring 26 trucks for transportation and a mere 10 days for installation, the Mobile Event Hall offers unparalleled efficiency. Dismantling is equally seamless, taking only 7 days. Additional tents are utilized for entry, foyers, and toilets, and entry and exit points can be strategically placed as per your requirements.

Multifaceted Applications:

From glamorous premiere dinners with a capacity of 2500 people to concerts, weddings, groundbreaking ceremonies, fairs, exhibitions, grand events, auditoriums, and sports contests, the Mobile Event Hall is a versatile canvas for your imagination. It accommodates movie shootings, green screen studios, celebrations, festivals, TV programs, and even grand archaeological digs, offering endless possibilities for your event needs.

Cutting-Edge Marketing Communications:

Benefit from the latest in marketing communications with live broadcasting through social media channels, drone shooting, and professional photo and video shooting. Showcase your event to the world with unparalleled visual appeal. The Mobile Event Hall by Playback Music is not just an event space; it’s a platform for creating extraordinary memories. Elevate your events, transcend expectations, and make a lasting impression with the ultimate in mobile event hosting.

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